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Subject: [wsrp] Proposed charter for WSRP Primer SC

The purpose of the WSRP Conformance Subcommittee is to extract from the WSRP
v1 specification the assertions that will be used to test for conformance.
This subcommittee will also attempt to identify a testing framework for use
in conformance testing and define test cases for that framework that reflect
the extracted assertions. 


Those of us working on the WSRP Primer would like to organize an SC, to
better track documents, discussions, etc.  Proposed charter follows.



The name of this subcommittee shall be the OASIS WSRP Primer subcommittee. 

The mailing list shall be 'wsrp-primer@oasis-open.org', using the list
management facility of the OASIS website. 

The subcommittee will create the WSRP Primer, a companion document to the
WSRP specification.  The primer will: 
1. Serve as a tutorial guide to WSRP, intended for a technical audience. 
2. Describe common "patterns" of usage for WSRP in a variety of
implementation scenarios.   
3. Offer advice on workarounds to common problems. 

The deliverables of this subcommittee will be: 
1. The WSRP 1.0 Primer.


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