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Subject: Re: [wsrp] Issue #31: handleEvent or handleEvents?

I was expecting to get back to your proposal as part of discussing solutions. Since I saw the discussion fragmenting into various viewpoints with different underlying assumptions, I thought it appropriate to step back and clarify the eventing framework before discussing possible solutions. Hopefully that will make the solution discussion less fragmented.


Subbu Allamaraju <subbu@bea.com>

03/07/05 09:33 AM

Re: [wsrp] Issue #31: handleEvent or handleEvents?

I prefer a bulk operation for events, since it allows consumers to be
more efficient.

On 11/01/04, I started a thread on error handling issues and posted a
proposal. Here is the link:



Rich Thompson wrote:
> This issue has been discussed under an email subject line of " [wsrp]
> handleEvent or handleEvents?". Before tailing off, this thread came to
> several guidelines for any solution moving this operation back to a bulk
> character:
> 1. Portlets are loosely coupled components integrated onto the page by
> the Consumer.
> 2. Events are independent notifications that something has occurred,
> which receiving portlets may use to impact their state.
> 3. There are times when a Consumer will care what failures have occurred
> (e.g. for retry purposes).
> 4. Portlets should be able to indicate they also care about event
> processing failures.
> Any additional comments before we move to drafting a solution?
> Rich

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