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wsrp message

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Subject: updateResponse in handleEventsResponse

At the F2F, we added the following text for the updateResponse field in 
handleEventsResponse. See Sec 6.1.19 of Draft 9.

"but that the difficulties in reconciling multiple requests to
change windowState (impacts on overall page layout could make it
unusable) will cause many Consumers to not honor such requests."

Upon reading this again, I find that this statement raises two issues.

a. It makes the reader wonder why the spec included windowState if the 
TC felt that no implementation is likely to honor windowState changes.

b. The statement is intrusive in the sense that it almost says that 
nobody should count on windowState changes taking place, thus preventing 
even those situations where windowState changes could be honored.

My suggestion is to either remove this text, or make it less intrusive.

Rich suggested that I bring this up again before opening up a change 



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