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Subject: April 2008, F2F Logistics

Attached is the hotel and transportation information.

Our office manager says the hotel is filling up, so you should make your reservations as soon as possible. Even if you do not have approval yet, you should make your reservation, and may cancel it later if needed.

There airport code is DEN.
Lufthansa offers a daily non-stop flight from Frankfurt and Munich. Additionally, United and BA offer non-stop flights from Heathrow. Also, there are many US transfer points (however, you will have to clear immigrations and customs at your port of entry).
From India the best bet is to connect through one of the European airports listed above.

Note: we will be on Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) which is UCT-6.

Skiing; all times are for driving and may be significantly more with traffic:
Please contact me if you have any questions,


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2008_Logistics WSRP (2).doc

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