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Subject: Re: [wss] Next F2F planning


XCBF is already meeting at this venue on December 9, so option
A works best for me.


Kelvin Lawrence wrote:

OK so we need to decide on the date of our next F2F meeting. At the call yesterday I agreed to post the candidate dates that were discussed.

Option A
We currently have this tentative booking confirmed:
Wednesday/Thursday , December 11th and 12th 2002
As part of XML 2002 in Baltimore, Hosted by OASIS
The advantage of this are that several other TC's are also meeting there and that several of our members will also be at XML2002 anyway.
The downside is, on the WSS TC call yesterday, several folks indicated a problem with this date.

Option B
On the call, some folks suggested Nov 21/22 (I think I got those dates right)  as an alternative date. This is a Thursday/Friday. No venue was suggested but I think we are looking to hold the meeting somewhere on the US East Coast.

Option C

Some other date.

We will explore some of the e-voting ideas that were suggested as a way to close this but in the mean time I am posting this note to start (hopefully a brief) discussion of the next F2F date. Note that Nov 21/22 is the week before US Thanksgiving and also some religious holidays and I suspect will not be any more popular than the December date.  I am also concerned about having meetings on Fridays as experience tells me that you lose a lot of pople early who are trying to get home for the weekend (but again I may have got the date wrong).

So what do people think ?


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