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Subject: Re: [wss] REMINDER: Call next week on Jan 14th


I don't believe that we have reached agreement on what the Username profile
(what's in core and what in the profile), so its hard to have updated
specifications until we reach consensus.

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Will we get a UserName profile and a revised core
document soon? It would seem possible for a group
so large to work on more than one thing at a time.

My particular interests lie in making match on card
and one to many biometric matching a viable WS
authentication mechanism.


Kelvin Lawrence wrote:

      First of all,  best wishes for the new year to all of our TC members
      and observers.

      As a reminder our first call of 2003 will be on Tuesday January 14th
      at our usual time of 7:00 am Pacific Time.

      We will post the agenda for the meeting soon. As I mentioned in an
      e-mail before the end of last year, the first order of business on
      the agenda will be to try and close on the QoP discussion. I was
      hoping that we might have seen much of this debate taking place in
      e-mail over the past few weeks. If you have an opinion I would
      encourage you to express it in e-mail before the call. We need to
      close on the QoP discussion and then get back to our main task at
      hand of getting the WS-Security specification delivered this year
      (hopefully sooner rather than later).

      I am hoping we can have a productive start to the new year and make
      good progress over the next few weeks.

      Again best wishes to you all.


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