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Subject: Re: [wss] Interop Scenario Descriptions - New Format

At 11:51 AM 4/18/2003, Hal Lockhart wrote:
>I have taken over editing the Interop Scenario descriptions and have
>invented a new, more detailed format.
>There is a lot of new material here. Please review it carefully. I am sure I
>must have made some mistakes.

I have some questions and comments.

A. The document doesn't say anything about transport. It's my understanding 
that we've agreed on HTTP, but it doesn't say anything about what fields 
might be present. In particular it doesn't say anything about the 
SOAPAction field. We would like it to be stated that this field should be 
empty (is one issue we would like to resolve.  Specifically we would like 
the SOAPAction header to be empty.

B. There are several two places where something is said to be "an error" 
and there seems to be a requirement that the services detect these 
situations. Specifically invalid username/password combinations in 
secenario one and reuse of nonces in scenario 2. The requirement to detect 
nonce reuse seems a relatively significant one.  In any event who is 
responsible for creating clients that will test whether the services detect 
these errors.

C. You're using KeyIdentifier in Scenario #2 to identify the X509 
certificate. I can understand the motivation for this, but I don't think 
the X509 profile allows it.  I admit the X509 profile isn't completely 
clear about what is allowed, but the only mechanism it discusses is the use 
of a BinarySecurityToken and a direct reference.

D. Scenario 2 doesn't say what algorithms should be used for the encryption 
of the UserNameToken. The example uses tripledes and Scenario 3 does 
specify tripledes, so I suspect this is just an oversight.

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