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Subject: RE: [wss] Interop Scenario Descriptions - New Format


> I think we want the header not to be present, rather than empty.
> I will add
> "The SOAPAction http header MUST NOT be present."
> This appears to be a SOAP versioning issue. The fellow who
> originally raised it with me says:
> from the W3C SOAP 1.1 spec [1]:
>  "An HTTP client MUST use this header field when issuing a SOAP
> HTTP Request."
> from the WS-I BP 1.0 [2] (Board Approval Draft, Date: 2003/03/28
> 19:36:34):
>  "R1109 - The value of the SOAPAction HTTP header field in a HTTP
> request MESSAGE MUST be a quoted string."
> I guess Hal is assuming SOAP 1.2, which has remove the use of SOAPAction.
> My understanding was that WSS was based on SOAP 1.1.

Guilty as charged. Not having a copy of the 1.1 spec handy, I looked at the
1.2 spec. I did not realize this was something that had changed.

I am not completely sure on the position of the WSS core spec. I believe it
is "all versions of SOAP."

However, I clearly remember we agreed to use SOAP 1.1 for the 1st Interop.

So I guess the Interop contracts should say: "The HTTP POST messages MUST
contain the header: 'SOAPAction: '."

(The SOAP specs refer to this as SOAPAction, but the HTTP spec says header
field names are case insensitive.)

Does everyone agree with this change?


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