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Subject: Re: [wss] Binary & XML tokens

At 12:02 PM 5/1/2003, Don Flinn wrote:
>In looking at the Binary Security Tokens and XML Tokens in the core spec, it
>seems to me that these are best described as abstract elements or types, in
>the XML schema sense. They, in effect, are not useful on their own, needing
>some other token element, as defined in the appropriate profiles, to make
>them useful, which is what an abstract element in XML schema is.  When an
>element or type is declared abstract, a member of the substitution group
>must appear in the instance document.

Sorry I'm pretty ignorant about schema's. What is the substitution group?

>  Which is what I believe is our
>intent.  Therefore, shouldn't these two types be abstract elements or types
>in the text and the schema?
>Donald Flinn
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>Flint Security
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>e-mail: flinn@alum.mit.edu
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