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Subject: Interop/F2F initial logistics

Here are some initial logistics for the upcoming interop and F2F meetings. June 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th 2003

The interop event will be held at the IBM location in downtown San Francisco. The address is 425 Market Street.  We will be on the 25th floor of the building in Conference Room 3. There will be an LCD projector in the room in case people need to do "show and tell" and we will be arranging a private network in the room to facilitate testing.

We are hoping to have the F2F meeting at the same location and in the same room. The only concern is that the very large conference room that seats 80 people was not available the days we needed it and the room we are in can we believe hold about 40 people. If the ballot indicates that we are likely to fit in that room then we will go ahead and have the F2F in the same location. If the ballot indicates that we will have way more people than that then we will have to scramble and find a bigger room.

I am investigating having a dial in number to the room. I am also investigating whether we can provide any sort of internet access during the meeting.

Once I have a fairly good idea of who will be attending I will provide the local security people at the IBM site with a list of names so that they know in advance who will be attending each day.

If you have not yet responded to the F2F attendance ballot please do so ASAP as finding space in the San Francisco area during June is turning out to be a major challenge.

I will post more specific details soon.


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