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Subject: Milestones reminder

I wanted to try and summarize in a separate mail  the key milestones we agreed to take a shot at in our SFO meeting (the full discussion is in the minutes).

The agreed to short term goal

We will focus on a V1.0 deliverable of the "core" spec along with the Username and X.509 Token profiles (basically the material that has undergone the recent interop test). We will (in parallel) close down the spec and hold a second interop test (over the net) to hit those areas of the spec that the TC felt it was key to hit before a V1.0 release.

Possible Time-line

Rest of June : Close issues, edit specs, develop new interop tests
July 1st : Vote to approve the spec as a committee draft
July 2nd : Public review period starts
July 15th: (during that week) 2nd interop on specific new scenarios
July 31st : Public review period ends
August/September :  OASIS reviews etc
Late september: V1.0 becomes and OASIS standard

(in parallel with this of course we continue to evolve and finish the other profiles etc ASAP)

Steps to get there

As discussed in SFO, if we can agree closure on all outstanding issues and update the specs in time it is possible that we could vote the core spec to Committee Draft status on the July 1st call. That would allow us to start the public review phase. In parallel with the public review, we will try and hold a second interop (over the internet) the week of July 15th. The public review period is 30 days.

If you were one of the people who had an action to raise a new issue and have not already done so, please do so asap so that we can review the issue on the call next week (June 17th).

If we can achieve these targets, I believe this means we may be in a position to move our spec into the final phases required to achieve an OASIS standard during August and September. The final reviews and approvals take about 60 days.

For this goal to be realized the "get the job done" approach that was taken by the TC in SFO will need to be sustained over the next few key weeks.

Other key focus items

In parallel with all of this, the TC will continue to evolve and deliver the other profiles, facilitate other interops of those profiles and handle other appropriate business. Of course the number one focus should be on getting a V1.0 out but it's clear we still have plenty beyond that we need to also close as expeditiously as we can.


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