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Subject: RE: [wss] New Issue: Key Identifiers Should Not Be Used for Signatures

> > Thomas is right, I didn't realize it, but the link from the
> signature to the
> > token is in KeyInfo which appears in <Signature> but not in
> <SignedInfo>.
> > This looks like a huge hole to me. Can somebody tell me I am wrong?
> Huge seems overstating; I'd say minor, if any adjective is called
> for at all.
> How many times do you get the same keypair certified
> for different uses?  Common practice says to have separate keys
> for signing
> and encryption, even.

The problem is that the Relying Party has know way of knowing how many
certificates the sender has. At a minumum I would say this makes the spec
totally useless for non-repudiation purposes and even doubtful for ordinary


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