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Subject: Agenda/Logistics for WSS TC call on Sept 9th

Here is the agenda and dial in details for our WSS TC call next Tuesday.

Please note that assuming the Committee Spec ballots close with a favorable result we plan to entertain the Public Review commencement vote during the call.

WSS TC Meeting - September 9th 2003 @ 7am Pacific Time

Phone details

access code: 703418
We are grateful to BEA Systems sponsoring this call


1.        Call to order, roll call
2.        Reading/approving minutes of last meeting (Aug 24th)
3.        Review of V1 committee spec vote results

4.        Public review discussion and commencement vote (assuming favorable outcome from ballots above)
5.        Editorial updates/document status [Editors]
6.        Discussion of second interop scenarios
7.        Issues list review
8.        Other business
9.        Adjournment  


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