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Subject: RE: [wss] PasswordDigest in Username profile


I don't understand your comment. Why would SHA-1( password + nonce + created ) be "harder for crackers" than SHA-1( nonce + created + password )? My understanding of the SHA algorithm is that ordering the input differently does not change the "one-way" aspect of the hash.

I do believe, however, that increasing the length of the data being hashed beyond 448 bits would double the amount of processing necessary to brute force the digest to recover the password; so for example using a password that was more than 12 characters would require a two block computation. That said there would be a reduction of labor if the (nonce + created) summed to 56 8-bit characters. The amount of labor required to "brute-force" calculate a two block hash would essentially be cut in half eliminating one of the benefits of using a long password. The example given on page 10 of the profile does not have this property since the (nonce + created) has 44 characters.


Eric Gravengaard
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From: Rich Salz [mailto:rsalz@datapower.com]
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Subject: [wss] PasswordDigest in Username profile

In order to make things harder for crackers, shouldn't the password be the
*first* thing hashed, not the last?

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