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Subject: Vote Reminder & Our call next week Jan 13th

First of all Happy 2004 to all,

As a reminder we have a WSS TC call on Tuesday Jan 13th (agenda to follow soon) - the phone details are in the on-line calendar.

Hopefully by now you have all had a chance to read the updated specs (for "core", X.509 and username as well as the schemas) and submit comments. On the Tuesday call, it is still the plan as we discussed back in December to do the following:

1. Hold a set of votes to re-approve all 3 updated specs as committee specs
2. Assuming "1" is passed then hold a vote to enter the final review phase for the specs and submit them to OASIS (along with the necessary paperwork that Chris and I as chairs need to prepare per the process document).

Please make every effort to attend the call. It would be great to see at least part of our work begin the final part of its journey to OASIS Standard on Tuesday.

Kind regards

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