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Subject: Re: [wss] WSS TC ballots - second reminder


I share your opinion that substantive changes were made to the spec,
and that we should conduct another review cycle.

Therefore, I have also voted NO on the ballot "Submit to OASIS for final 
approval ?".


Jerry Schwarz wrote:

> At 02:06 PM 1/21/2004, Kelvin Lawrence wrote:
>> Apparently the system failed to send the automatic reminder it was 
>> supposed to send today so I am sending another reminder to you all to 
>> vote in the currently open ballots.
>> We are now more than half-way through the work week and a great many 
>> of us have yet to vote - please do vote soon so we can begin 
>> collating the results prior to our TC call next week. Many thanks!
>> I will send a final reminder later in the week.
>> Cheers
>> Kelvin
> FYI. I have just voted yes on making this a CD, but no on submitting 
> for final with the comment attached below.
> -----------------
> Oracle believes that there have been too many changes to the documents 
> to advance it to final status another public review period.
> According to the OASIS Procedures. " If substantive changes are made 
> to the specification after the start of the public review then the TC 
> should conduct another review cycle".
> I will cite as one instance of a substantive change the change from 
> QName to URI for the valuetype attributes.
> ------------------------
> Rereading the comment I see a missing "without" and a typo. The first 
> sentence should read
> "Oracle believes that there have been too many changes to the 
> documents to advance them to final status without another public 
> review period."
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