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Subject: Re: Note that no editorial edits are permitted to the spec documents if we approve the spec...

"Chris Kaler" <ckaler@microsoft.com> wrote::
> b) Thu new versions are available from the editors
> c) Fri we review new versions to ensure that any subsequent changes are 
> correctly done.
> d) over the weekend the Editors produce a final spec

On Thursday night PST, new versions of Core and X.509 profile were uploaded.
Username profile was not uploaded. (because there wasn't any changes ?)

As I notified earlier, X.509 profile document uploaded on Thursday had
not been properly updated.
Updated version of X.509 profile was not uploaded until Sunday night
and we couldn't review it before the ballots began.

Because no changes can be made after submitting to OASIS as Robert
wrote, it is better to have more review time before submitting to

"Philpott, Robert" <rphilpott@rsasecurity.com> wrote::
> This last part was not correct. I was confusing the votes for
> approving a Committee Draft before the start of a public review with
> the vote to "re-approve" a spec after a public review, which is what
> our current first vote is about.  After this vote to re-approve our
> spec as a committee draft, we can make NO changes, normative or
> editorial, before we submit it to OASIS for standardization (our
> second vote).  The only change that can occur is to modify the spec
> names (from CD to Standard).
> So bear this in mind as you make your votes.  The spec that will
> potentially become an OASIS Standard consists of the documents that
> we are approving as CD's with the first vote.


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