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Subject: Re: [wss] Proposals for New Orleans Agenda Topics?

How about:

(1) Errata
(2) Next set of profiles and interops for the profiles
(3) Additional work items for next version
(4) Feedback from WS-I group, maybe a review of BSP draft

Anthony Nadalin | work 512.436.9568 | cell 512.289.4122
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          Kelvin Lawrence/Austin/IBM@IBMUS

          01/30/2004 12:37 PM





[wss] Proposals for New Orleans Agenda Topics?

On our last call, it was pointed out that to better determine if we should have a F2F meeting in New Orleans we should brainstorm possible agenda topics. Folks agreed to post their ideas to the list and I took an action to post this reminder. So far I have not received or seen posted and suggested topics. If folks do have suggestions that would help us produce a proposed agenda please post them soon. We need to get back to the OASIS staff very soon on this if we do decide we want to have a meeting.


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