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Subject: Re: [wss] proposed resolution to issue 290

Michael McIntosh wrote:

>Sorry I missed this the first time. I would prefer either a) retaining the
>current default (Base64Binary) or b) eliminating the default for
>Having the default value for one attribute of an element change based on
>the value of another attribute of that element seems to prevent the use of
>XML Schema to provide the default.
The "default" is currently not  represented in the schema, so we are
certainly not using the schema to enforce the default. 

Of your suggestions I prefer choice b. Can we do the following?

change it to read:

757: /wsse:SecurityTokenReference/wsse:KeyIdentifier/@EncodingType
758: The optional EncodingType attribute is used to indicate, using a
URI, the encoding
759: format of the KeyIdentifier value. This specification defines the
EncodingType URI values appearing in the following table. A token
specific profile MAY define additional token specific EncodingType URI values.
A KeyIdentifier MUST include an EncodingType attribute when its ValueType
is not sufficient to identify its encoding type.

also remove "(default) "from the description of Base64Binary in the table
beginning at line 761.

also remove "(the default)" from the end of the sentence at line 1834.


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