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Subject: Re: [wss] More SwA Comments

"Blake Dournaee" <blake@sarvega.com> wrote on 07/12/2004 04:04:34 PM:

> All,
> 1. The SwA profile specifically targets "W3C Note, "SOAP with
> 11 December 2000", yet there is also the SOAP Attachment Feature
> (http://www.w3.org/TR/soap12-af/) for SOAP v1.2. Does the profile intend
> support this as well since we make the claim of SOAP version independence
> line 95? If we don't intend to support the SOAP Attachment Feature with
> SwA profile, should we remove the version independence statement?
> 2. While we mostly think of attachments as opaque binary blobs, I have
> several cases where the attachments are XML. Should we make the statement
> that this SwA profile views any XML attachments as opaque? This would
> the applicability of the profile in cases where we are targeting an XML
> sub-document within an attachment. That is, signing some child element
> buried in some XML that happens to be an attachment.
> I believe that for the sake of clarity we should make statement about
> use-case. If we want to allow visibility into XML documents that happen
> be attachments (by visibility, I mean signing), we should add a
> remark about how to go about this somewhere around line 203. E.G. Use XML
> Signature transforms/filters to select the element(s) to sign.

I'd like to treat non-root MIME Parts containing XML as text. We don't want
to have to deal with XML Canonicalization/Namespaces/etc.

> 3. Line 108, we should define MTOM.
> 4. Line 133 still refers to Content-Location
> 5. Line 160 we should make a clarification regarding "canonicalization"
> readers don't' confuse this with Canonical XML. We should make a
> about how an attachment is to be canonicalized when it is XML (if it is
> opaque, we don't want implementers running it through C14N mistakenly).
> Regards,
> Blake Dournaee
> Senior Security Architect
> Sarvega, Inc.
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