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Subject: RE: [wss] Minutes 12-Jul-2005

Thanks for getting these out quickly...

Two things: (1) you hint that we took Dwayne's motion, but we should
probably state that we approved the minutes without objection pending
the updates.

Also, I did not make the IPR classification statement about the new TC,
it was either Tony or Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Hodges [mailto:Jeff.Hodges@neustar.biz] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 9:47 AM
To: OASIS wsstc
Subject: [wss] Minutes 12-Jul-2005

Minutes for WSSTC concall tue 7/12/2005

roll call -- have quorum

[detailed Attendance Info to follow anon.]

chairs: defer approving Minutes June 28 2005 concall until next call
then... dwayne nichols: approve minutes with caveat that there's
pending on them

ChrisKaler(ck): have agenda item on next call that there's item to
minutes update (to minutes of 28-Jun-2005 concall) on next call

 > 3. Issue list review & document status

there are 4 issues

pending ones (2)..

   389 - id clash

ck: did that one get fixed-up?
TonyNadalin(tn): nope
ck: can we spin-up a non-CD doc that has these changes in it?
tn: yes
ck: will update the action item appropriately

   393 contributor's list

[hans grangvist to add info to "contributors list" that he's going to
send to 
the mailing list]
ck: then leave this pending

   394 --- Ron Monzillo's issue with SAML IOP doc

RonMonzillo(rm): can't take on making edits right now
ck: who can help with this?
rm: can we get source doc from Rich Levinson? is it in the repository?
?: do we have volunteer to edit?
Abbie Barbir, nortel: if he (rich) doesn't then I will

  issue 399 from Thomas DeMartini

   [msg 133 frm june in archives, see below]

ck: thomas, can you explain?
ThomasDeMartini(td): issue of diff id's, and all, proposed fairly
chunk of text to address this, with options -- so it seemed on the email
that there was consensus to make this change and to pick option #1, and
I sent 
a summary email to that effect to the list
ck: any objections to just making the change?

ck reads message thomas is referring to..

New Issue: (was RE: [wss] Issue 399: Proposed Security Consideration

.. RM nominally agrees to the change, overall silence when ck asks for
objections to just make the change?

MikeMcIntosh(mm): this is change that doesn't hurt, so is ok with the

ck: any objecttions to just making the change?

ck: hearing no obj, we'll adopt change #1 in the above ref'd msg, and
editor is 
directed to make the change

 >  4. Interop status for 1.1

gudge(mg): 2 parties have responded to the inquiry for virt v1.1 IOP
pubreview (which is now 60 days)

mg: iop scenarios are done.

ck: have 3 companies that are ready to go (ibm, msft, ?) -- who was 3d?

mg: scott larson (layer 3)

KelvinLawrence(kl): any other companies can step up? this is not "public
-- this is for helping the spec, is a private event amongst TC members

 > 5. Other Business

tn: ibm will announce at catalyst that ibm & msft & partners will
announce the 
ws-securitypolicy, ws-trust, ws-secureconversation

will go into oasis tc under new ipr rules into a new TC forming in Sept

FrederickHirsch(fh): which ipr rules?

ck: rf w/rand

PaulCotton(pc)/tn: we'll be repub ws-securitypolicy tomorrow too on all 
partners websites


kl: note that public comments from pub review of specs will occur on the
"public review" mailing list, and TC members should please keep an eye
on it 
for such feedback: wss-comment@lists.oasis-open.org



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