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Subject: Re: [wss] [draft] OASIS WSS TC Minutes 2005-09-20 for comment andcorrection

An issue I see with the draft minutes are that one (I, anyway) can't discern 
what was actually decided relative to issue 334 xml:id..

 >  334 - XML ID - (Spirited Discussion) "Should" vs "May" use  xml:id vs 
WS:UID; Frederick's amendment w/
 >  Tony's addition/clarification.
 >  Paul Cotton Motion: "This combination," eliminate  "optional," and fold 
into Frederick's Last -
 >  Unanimous Consent?
 >      Ron Monzillo Object's
 >  Roll-Call Vote: Don Flinn
 >  13 yes, 4 no, 8 abstain - Motion Carries:9.20.05 10:10:12  AM CDT

i.e. what's the precise, re-worded modifications to the spec that was agreed upon?

Also, we should reflect the actual per-member votes in the final minutes.



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