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Subject: Re: [wss] Revised WSS OTP-Token proposal

John and Hans, thank you for taking the time to update and re-post your proposal.

TC Members, Now that we have a modified proposal in front of us what do people think?

I would very much like to see some discussion here so that we can be effective on the call on Tuesday.

Thanks to those of you that have already posted your views


"Linn, John" <jlinn@rsasecurity.com> wrote on 09/27/2005 10:48:05 AM:

> Following last week's discussion, we'd like to offer the following
> revised version of the OTP-Token proposal for consideration by the TC:
> RSA Security and VeriSign would like to propose a new work item for the
> WSS TC, defining a WSS profile for use of One-Time Password (OTP)
> authentication.  The intended goal is to accommodate a broad range of
> OTP technologies within the WSS framework.  While conceptually similar
> to the existing UsernameToken profile, this profile would support
> transport of OTP-related ancillary information (e.g., PINs, challenges,
> counters, device and algorithm identifiers) in conjunction with
> authentication requests in order to provide comprehensive support for
> OTP methods within the WSS/SOAP environment.
> We anticipate that the profile will accommodate OTP methods including
> (but not limited to) OATH HOTP, RACF PassTickets, RSA SecurID(r)
> authenticator token devices, and other candidates that may be identified
> within the TC. While IPR claims may apply to underlying OTP methods that
> the profile may support, the proposers intend that the constructions to
> be defined in the profile itself be unencumbered.
> This profile would be functionally comparable to other profiles defined
> within the WSS TC, so we believe it is appropriate to standardize within
> the same forum.  We propose that this activity be undertaken as a
> general TC work item, comparable to other profiles addressed by the TC,
> rather than within a distinct subcommittee. It is not the proposers'
> intent that this work item be incorporated into WSS 1.1, or that it
> delay TC progress on that release.  
> We anticipate that existing and related work will be available as input
> for this task.  The One-Time Password Specifications (OTPS,
> http://www.rsasecurity.com/rsalabs/otps)
> initiative, coordinated by RSA Security, has produced an OTP-WSS-Token
> specification which has evolved in response to public review and
> comment. RSA Security proposes to submit a version of this document as
> input to the WSS TC.  
> VeriSign, in conjunction with the Open Authentication initiative (OATH,
> http://www.openauthentication.org) is also producing work related to an
> OTP token profile.  We anticipate that versions of these input documents
> will be ready for OASIS submission by or during October 2005. We propose
> that the results of these efforts, along with any other inputs which may
> be received through the OASIS process, be harmonized under WSS TC
> auspices.
> John Linn, RSA Security
> Hans Granqvist, VeriSign
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