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Subject: OASIS WSS TC Minutes 2005-11-15 V2

(This update includes attendance list from Don.)

> WSS TC bi-weekly call
> Date:  Tuesday, 15 November 2005
> Time:  07:00am - 09:00am PT
> Our thanks to Nortel for sponsoring this call

> 1. Call to order/roll call

These minutes taken by Pete Wenzel, Sun Microsystems (SeeBeyond).

Corinna		Witt			BEASystems,Inc.
Denis		Pilipchuk		BEASystems,Inc.
Hal		Lockhart		BEASystems,Inc.
Steve		Anderson		BMCSoftware
Rich		Levinson		ComputerAssociates
Thomas		DeMartini		ContentGuard
Carolina	Canales-Valenzuela	Ericsson
Dana		Kaufman			ForumSystems,Inc.
Toshihiro	Nishimura		FujitsuLimited
Kefeng		Chen			GeoTrust
Irving		Reid			Hewlett-Packard
Kojiro		Nakayama		Hitachi
Anthony		Nadalin			IBM
Derek		Fu			IBM
Kelvin		Lawrence		IBM
Ron		Williams		IBM
Don		Flinn			Individual
Jan		Alexander		MicrosoftCorporation
Chris		Kaler			MicrosoftCorporation
Martin		Gudgin			MicrosoftCorporation
Vijay		Gajjala			MicrosoftCorporation
Jeff		Hodges			NeuStar,Inc.
Frederick	Hirsch			NokiaCorporation
Abbie		Barbir			Nortel
Vamsi		Motukuru		OracleCorporation
Ben		Hammond			RSASecurity
John		Linn			RSASecurity
Pete		Wenzel			SeeBeyond
Ronald		Monzillo		SunMicrosystems
Hans		Granqvist		VeriSign
Mike		Rudolph			WellsFargo

After 11/15/05 Meeting Lost Status		
Martijn		de Boer			SAP
Will		Raymond			Tibco

> 2. Reading/Approving minutes of last meeting (Nov 1st, [VER 2])

No objections; minutes approved by unanimous consent.

> 3. Ballot results

Ballots closed yesterday.

WSS v1.1 Committee Specification Status:
Out of 41 voting members, 38 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain.

Submit WSS 1.1 for OASIS Standard Vote:
Out of 41 voting members, 39 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain.

> 4. 1.1 Documents - Submission status

Chairs are preparing submission package, to go out later today.
Just a few more things to complete.

Thanks to individuals who provided usage testamonials (IBM Microsoft,
BEA).  We could include more than the 3 required, if anyone else wishes
to provide one at this time.

Ron: Found spelling error in SAML Profile (the word "compatibility"),
but on advice of Mary, did not change it.

Agreed that it was ok.  Can be noted in errata.

Updated versions of the rest of the 1.1 specs, reflecting their new
status, will be posted.

Vijay provided both text and HTML versions of the public review
comment resolutions:
Chairs thank Vijay for his effort in producing this.

Chairs will copy the mailing list when the package is submitted to

> 5. Other business
> a) Open Issues

Martin posted new Issues list:

New items are 338, 444.

338, proposed new work - WSS-Templates..
No discussion for this meeting.

444, pending, Request to remove the WS-Security 1.0 errata from WSS page
or fix it.

Tony: Changes are in process.  Will post new errata shortly.  Schema also
needs to change, to reflect updated DSS and other URLs.  Post a 1.0
"schema errata"?

Chris: Can't change the official 1.0 schema; should we post a new 1.0
schema, with a new URL?

Tony: All spec references to the schema would have to be noted in
the errata, to point to the modified schema.

Chris: Alternatively, we could just describe the changes to the schema,
rather than actually applying them.  To avoid confusion, the modified
schema would not be made available separately.

Ron: Amount of work we put into errata should be small, since it is
not required that anyone make the suggested changes to implementations.
How many references to the schema exist in the Core document?

Tony: Unknown; would have to go through it.

Chris: Propose to describe the desired changes to the 1.0 schema, in
the errata.  Then insert the modified schema in an appendix of the errata.

No objections to approval of this proposal.

Kelvin: Any other business?

John Linn: Would like to solicit review of OTP profile submissions.

Kelvin: Please post any comments on these to the email list.

> 6. Adjournment

Chairs: Thanks to everyone for all their hard work on the 1.1 specs.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PST.

Pete Wenzel <pete.wenzel@sun.com>
Senior Architect, Sun Microsystems
SOA & Business Integration Products
+1 (626)471-6311 (US-Pacific)

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