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Subject: Re: [xacml-comment] Version matching for a PolicySetIdReference

Hi Roland,

The specification says that "The version number is expressed as a 
sequence of decimal numbers, each separated by a period (.). ‘d+’ 
represents a sequence of one or more decimal digits."

In other words it's not a lexicographical comparison and the total order 
is defined.

0.000 is earlier than 0.01 because before the dot 0 equals 0 and after 
the dot 0 is less than 1.

2.0 is after 1.0 because 2 is greater than 1 and 3.0 is after 2.0 since 
3 is greater than 2.


Roland Illig wrote:
> Hi,
> when reading the text of XACML-3.0wd06, section 5.10, I suspected an
> error in the specification. According to the text, the following
> reference would not accept a policy set having version "2.0".
> <PolicySetIdReference earliestVersion="1.0" latestVersion="3.0">
> To resolve this issue, there needs to be a total ordering among Version,
> which takes care of such special values like "0.000", "0.01", that is,
> it cannot just use the lexicographic comparison among strings.
> Roland

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