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Subject: resourcecontent, XPath & namespaces

Hello everybody.

I'm using the SunXACML 1.2.
I want to extract elements from  the resourcecontent using the selector
you implemented.
The resource content I build is just a list of elements, like the following:

     ... other elements

I want to extract the value of a element using an XPath function like the


but I get error in resolving the element.

I saw the sample you put in the sunxacml1.2.zip

You  make use of namespaces both in the policy (selector.xml) and in the
request (resource-content.xml).
Do I have use always the "context" namespace in request and and policy to
make the selector work?

I tried to remove the "documents" "and memos" from tags and function in
the next way

        <Name>Compute Cycles</Name>
          There are now plenty of cycles available on server.example.com.

          Feel free to use them as needed.


But it does not work. Why?

Now I build my request using the RequestCtx contructor

RequestCtx(Set subjects, Set resource, Set action,
                      Set environment, String resourceContent)

With it I can't include namespace declaration in the request.
There is any way to do it?
Could you suggest me any other idea to access to my data using the selector?


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