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Subject: Re: [xacml-editors] Draft OS v1.0 6 Dec version

here is the pdf version and the matching DOC version of tim's latest. they should be formatted identically (should help anne's openoffice woes :o) i am providing links so as to not flood the archive with a bunch of versions.


also, i have found the formatting artifact that was causing "squooshing" (tim, if you could change the style 'code' so that it doesn't have a border that will do it. still looks readable to me, but if we want to highlight the difference in style a little more we can add some space before/after the code paragraphs?)


Tim Moses wrote:

> Colleagues - Here is the 6 Dec version of our OASIS draft.  All the best.  Tim.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Tim Moses
> 613.270.3183

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