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Subject: solution !


My proposed solution makes sence because of

1. In order to preserve the Role hierarcy by means of Policy referencing. if 
i put

<Rule Effect="Permit"/> in the PPS of the junior role with the attribute for 
Role in the target, this make sence to me only with a problem that role will 
again be specified in the target , altought i was specified with the RPS 
(senior role).
The problem for me is that does specifying the role again in the PPS makes 
the specification inconsistent ??

otherwise, your proposed solution does not really make sense at all to me

i means if i opt for your solution, then i lost the role hierarcy by means 
of policy referencing .

comments plz

P.S Thanks for valuable comments, this is realy eloborating the problem.
I am sure, we will find a solution for this problem.


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