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Subject: Re: [xacml-users] Validating XACML policies and requests against XSD

Hi Roland.
> SunXACML doesn't fully support namespaces for policies. For example, the
> following policy, although it can be validated using XSD, cannot be
> handled by SunXACML:
> <xacml:Policy xmlns:xacml="urn:...">
>   ...
> </xacml:Policy>
Oh, my apologies. I thought this had been fixed (some time ago). I just
double-checked, and you're right that this is still a problem. You can
specify a version of XACML as the default namespace, and do validation
accordingly, but you can't tag the elements as you describe above. Sorry
about that. Hopefully some of the current developers are watching this
thread and have this on the list..


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