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Subject: Is this of interest to us ?


-----Original Message-----
From: owner-aaaarch@fokus.gmd.de [mailto:owner-aaaarch@fokus.gmd.de]On
Behalf Of Guus Sliepen
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2001 1:20 AM
To: AAAARCH mailing list
Cc: auth@lists.aaaarch.org
Subject: Work on the Generic Policies draft

Hello everybody,

Since last IETF, Armijn Hemel, Arie Taal and I have worked on a Grammar for
Policies in a Generic AAA Environment. Our motive was to see what exactly
requirements are for a policy language, what problems you encounter, and so
We have also started implementing our grammar, so we can do simulations and
the end can make a proof-of-concept setup. It is however not ment to become

There are already lots of policy langauges for lots of applications, however
want to make one for Generic AAA. The Policy Framework WG for example has
specified a way to represent policies. In order to prevent side-effects
they have limited the types of conditions and recursion. We have decided to
allow any level of recursion (this is a requirement I think for distributed
policies) and any kind of logical condition.

Changes since draft-taal-aaaarch-generic-pol-01.txt:

- Changed name to draft-irtf-aaaarch-generic-pol-00.txt
- The grammar is much more mature now
- Specified what actions are
- Allow policies to be both Literal and Action for more flexible and better
  readable policies

We have made some very big changes past week, which means that the draft
currently is not in a very consistent state. We will continue to work on it
however and hope to finish it this month. You can find the draft at:


Comments and discussion are welcome.

Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards,
  Guus Sliepen <guus@sliepen.warande.net>


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