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Subject: RE: XACML TC Charter Revision - Strawman

>Policy Target
>The target of a policy (hereafter referred to as "subject") can be any
>object that can be referenced in XML.

In my experience, the term "subject" would more usually
refer to the principle requesting access to a resource.

I can't tell for sure if XACML policies are exclusively
resource-centric (a list of principles/groups/roles that
have access to a given resource) or also encompass
principle-centric policies (i.e.
a list of the resources a given principle has access to).
Or maybe we want to be able to express both.
However, I don't think "subject" is
appropriate when talking about the target for
resource-centric policies.  (It would be OK for
principle-centric ones.)
   Instead of "subject", why don't we just use "target"?
I think that covers both the principle-centric case and
the resource-centric one fairly nicely.

Marlena Erdos

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