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Subject: RE: Liaison with other standards groups

Great work Dave!!!!

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Parrott [mailto:David.Parrott@reuters.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 10:32 AM
> To: 'xacml@lists.oasis-open.org'
> Subject: Liaison with other standards groups
> Following the teleconference on 21 May, I have submitted a summary of
> XACML status to the W3C interest group on DRM <www-drm@w3.org> and the
> MPEG-21 <mpeg-21@starlab.net> discussion lists.  I have also held
> separate telephone conversations with Scott Edwards, chair of the Open
> eBook Forum (OeBF) Rights and Rules Working Group (R&R WG), and Brad
> Gandee, XrML Evangelist for ContentGuard, and am awaiting responses
> from the Rigo Wenig (W3C Co-Chair of the W3C DRM Workshop held in
> January) and Rob Koenen (Chair of the MPEG Requirements Group).  The
> purpose of the above activities was to initiate dialogue between the
> XACML TC and related standards organisations.  Short summaries of the
> various standards groups are included below.  Note that the summaries
> are the work of the author of this email who apologies for any
> inaccuracies (corrections welcome).
> On the subject of XrML, I raised two important issues with Brad
> Gandee:
> 1/ The IPR held by ContentGuard with respect to the use of XrML (and
> rights expression languages generally)
> 2/ The use of XrML as a (partial) basis for the work of XACML.
> Brad is keen to progress the conversation and (like me) is concerned
> at the proliferation of potentially competing standards efforts.
> ContentGuard is keen to promote the re-use of its work on XrML where
> possible and is in the process of setting up an independent forum to
> take ownership of the XrML and its future developments.  Hopefully,
> this will address the fears pertaining to IPR.  I have suggested to
> Brad that he takes membership of OASIS in order to participate in
> XACML discussions where appropriate.
> On the subject of liaison with the Open eBook Forum, Scott Edwards has
> raised the possibility of XACML representatives attending the
> forthcoming general meeting of OeBF to be held in San Francisco on
> 18-21 June 2001.  A one hour session was suggested (1/2 hour
> presentation on activities, followed by a 1/2 hour discussion, with
> overflow time possible).  The presentation would be to members of
> OeBF's Rights and Rules Working Group and in the presence of the
> OeBF's Strategic Relations Committee.  The most likely date is 21 June
> with second favourite 20 June.  A similar invitation is being extended
> to MPEG-21, so the session may be very useful for getting several
> standards groups in the same room at the same time.  I plan to be in
> attendance on both days.
> I would welcome feedback on the above and suggestions for next steps.
> I will report further progress and I receive responses from the
> various contacts.
> /Dave.
> _ ______________________________________________________________
> Dr David J. Parrott, Chartered Engineer. Chief Technology Office
>      Reuters Limited, 85 Fleet Street, London EC4P 4AJ, UK.
>    Direct Line: +44 (0)20 7542 9830, Fax: +44 (0)20 7542 8314
>        Email: David.Parrott@reuters.com, dparrott@acm.org
> Summaries follow:
> The W3C DRM Interest Group
> The W3C's interest group on DRM met for the first (and only) time in
> January 2001 (see http://www.w3.org/2000/12/drm-ws/).  The meeting was
> initiated by IPRSystems (http://www.iprsystems.com), also responsible
> for the Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL, see http://odrl.net) with
> the aim of prompting the W3C to act towards creating a global DRM
> markup standard (a full workshop report is available at
> http://www.w3.org/2000/12/drm-ws/workshop-report.html).  The overall
> feeling of the workshop was that W3C is in a strong position to act as
> a coordinator in the creation of a "Rights Management Framework", in
> cooperation with other standards bodies.  At this time, no decision
> has been taken by the W3C as to whether (and if so how) this might
> happen.  (Reuters presented a position paper at the workshop.)
> Open eBook Forum (Rights and Rules Working Group)
> The OeBF (http://www.openebook.org/) was formed in January 2000 with
> the remit to create and maintain standards and promote the successful
> adoption of electronic books.  The OeBF followed on from the earlier
> Open eBook Initiative, formed in late 1998.  Essentially, the OeBF is
> looking standardising the data formats and metadata associated with
> the publication of books and periodicals.  From that initial goal,
> however, it is likely that the group will extend its horizon to
> encompass more general electronic publishing.  The OeBF Rights and
> Rules Working Group (R&R W/G) was formally created this month
> (following initial work laid down by an interest group of the same
> name).  The R&R W/G has set out to create an XML-based markup language
> describing rights of access and obligations pertaining to electronic
> publications.  The group is in communication with W3C and MPEG-21.
> (Reuters is a member of the OeBF R&R W/G.)
> EBX Working Group formally combined its operations with the OeBF
> during a brief ceremony at the General Meeting of members held this
> year in Paris, France, on March 19, 2001.
> MPEG-21
> The MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework extends the remit of the Motion
> Picture Experts Group (an ISO organisation) to include "any multimedia
> data").  The MPEG-21 introduction document (see
> http://www.cselt.it/mpeg/standards/mpeg-21/mpeg-21.htm) lists the
> seven key elements of MPEG-21 as:
> 1/ Digital Item Declaration
> 2/ Digital Item Identification and Description
> 3/ Content Handling and Usage
> 4/ Intellectual Property Management and Protection
> 5/ Terminals and Networks
> 6/ Content Representation
> 7/ Event Reporting
> Of the above, numbers 1, 2, and 4 are probably the most relevant to
> the XACML work.
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