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Subject: Membership

We have now held four meetings we have also just filled the position of
Recording And Membership Secretary; hence it is a good time for a membership
update as I transfer tracking to another person. Note, the conference call
on June 28th did count for but not against membership. Also, lack of
membership as a result of no application, probation, or jeopardy does not
preclude subscribing to the listserv and attending meetings or conference
calls as an observer. It simply means you can't vote.

I expect to have a revised membership list posted on the website after Ken
Yagen has got his hands around this task.

Continuing Probationary Members

Jens Andersen, Software AG
Sandilya Garimella, BEA
Tim Moses, Entrust
Pierangela Samarati - Peirangela would be a member but due to a number of
OASIS co-ordination issues beyond her control she failed to make the first
call. However, she has not made any subsequent calls, so I have elected to
place her on the probationary list.

Dropped Probationary Members

Michael Myers, Traceroute Security
Prateek Mishra, Netegrity

New Probationary Members

"A PEOTCP shall become a prospective member of an existing TC by sending by
mail notice of intention to participate to the chair of the TC." Note, to be
a probationary member it is not sufficient to subscribe to the list, you
must send e-mail to myself or Ken Yagen (kyagen@crosslogix.com) requesting
to be a voting member of the TC.


New Voting Members:

"A prospective member of a TC shall become a voting member of the TC
immediately following the close of the third TC meeting held during the
period of prospective membership or after 60 days have elapsed following
formal application to join the TC, whichever comes first."

Carlisle Adams, Entrust

Members In Jeopardy

"A member shall be warned by mail from the chair of the TC upon failure to
attend two out of every three successive meetings of the TC. Membership
shall be terminated if the member fails to attend the next meeting following
transmittal of the warning."

Frank Paynter, Sandhill Technology
Archie Reed, Critical Path
Krishna Sankar, Cisco
Jim Woohill, Authentify

There are several other folks who will go into a jeopardy state after the
next call. OASIS has a leave of absence policy that allows you to miss one
meeting/call per year. If you notified me by e-mail that you would not be on
a call I automatically granted you the leave. If you think you should be on
warning status and do not wish to use your automatic leave, please let me

Please send me e-mail and copy kyagen@crosslogix.com if you have any issues
with the above.

Simon Y. Blackwell 
Psoom, Inc. 
Voice & Fax: 415-762-9787 

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