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Subject: Agenda for Thursday's Telecon...

Title: Agenda for Thursday's Telecon...

Hi all,

I don't have a co-chair as yet, so this agenda is a solo effort this time.  I realize there's a lot here, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to lay out on the table the main things I think we need to think about (and discuss) in the very near future.  Hopefully, much of this discussion can begin on Thursday's call.  With some discipline, we can at least touch on all the topics over the course of the hour...  :-)



XACML Teleconference
Thursday, October 4, 2001
10:00 - 11:00 EDT

Phone #:  512-225-3050
Access Code:  65998


ADMINISTRATION  [10:00 - 10:10]

1. Agenda:  comments & critiques
2. Solicit volunteer to take minutes
3. Simon Godik to take roll call and determine quorum
4. Approve minutes of previous teleconference (Sept. 20/01)
5. Vote for co-chair (Hal Lockhart or Ken Yagen)

ACTION ITEMS  [10:10 - 10:20]

1. Ken will contact TREX about XML Schema Use (Courtesy Message)
2. Bill will clean up the raw minutes from the F2F and prepare formal minutes.
3. Ken to send formal minutes format to Bill
4. Simon volunteered to take minutes and roll call at next meeting while Ken is on vacation. Ken will send him the membership spreadsheet.

5. Ken will contact Authentify and reserve additional meeting times
6. Ken will send an updated list of voting members to Karl and also to Michaharu (website maintainer)
7. Joe to post URL for SAML glossary to list
8. Members should review the SAML glossary and nominations for glossary terms need to be submitted before the glossary meeting next Friday (28th)

9. Carlisle will complete a draft of the requirements based on his work and the discussion at the face to face and send out by Friday (21st) to the list

10. The scope of the requirements - what's in or out needs to be discussed at the next meeting
11. We have an open action item then to decide on a schedule and intermediate milestones.
12. Pierangela and Simon will set up a Policy Model subcommittee and get it going before the next teleconference

TC WORK ITEMS (immediate)  [10:20 - 10:35]

1. Use cases and requirements (scope discussion)
2. Glossary (consensus terms and definitions)
3. Policy model (What is the size of the problem XACML is trying to solve?  What are the required components, protocols, syntaxes?  What are the inputs to the PDP, how does it acquire these, what does it do with them, and what are its outputs?)

TC WORK ITEMS (near-term)  [10:35 - 10:45]

1. Policy language
2. Protocols (PDP-PIP?  PDP-PRP?)
3. Intellectual property considerations
4. Security and Privacy considerations
5. Conformance


1. Sub-committees (What are their tasks -- deliverables and deadlines?  What is their membership?  Who are their chairs?)

2. Time frame (current charter says Dec. 21/01 for "substantially complete" specification.  Should we revise this?  If so, to what (e.g., March 1/02)?  What are the milestones along the way?)

3. Next face-to-face meeting (Date?  Duration?  Location/host?  Topic(s) for discussion?)
4. Should we increase the frequency of teleconferences (e.g., TC and Focus group on alternate weeks, or increase length of calls?)

WRAP-UP  [10:55 - 11:00]

1. Solicit volunteer to maintain issues list
2. Recap action items for next meeting
3. Adjourn

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