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Subject: [xacml] Agenda item

Title: Agenda item

Chairs - May I propose the following item for discussion during our telecon on Thursday: Specification Table of Contents.

I propose the following table of contents ...

XACML specification
Table of contents
1. Glossary (informative)
The minimum set of terms required to describe the model
2. Introduction (informative)
More background material
3. Models (informative)
More or less the same scope as the material we have today
4. Language (normative, except for schema fragments)
More or less the same scope as the material we have today
5. Profiles (normative, but not mandatory to implement)
Describes subsets of XACML appropriate to general classes of problem
5.2 SAML
Describes the subset of SAML that is relevant to XACML
5.3 XML Dsig
Describes how XACML instances shall be integrity-protected in the case where XML DSig is used
5.4 LDAP
Describes an LDAP schema for the case where LDAP is used to distribute XACML
6. XACML extension points (informative)
Describes the points within the XACML model and schema where extensions can be added
7. Security and privacy (informative)
Vulnerabilities and safeguards
8. References (informative)
9. Appendix A - Examples (informative)
Three or four worked examples, including instances of SAML messages and assertions and XACML policy documents
10. Appendix B - Conformance (normative)
Not the test cases themselves, but a description of how the test cases should be used.  The test cases will be a set of files on the XACML Web site

11. Appendix C - Schema (normative)
The schema (obviously)

Tim Moses
Tel: 613.270.3183

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