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Subject: [xacml] XACML December 13, 2001 Minutes

Title: XACML Conference Call Minutes

XACML Conference Call

Date:  Thursday, December 13, 2001

Time: 10:00 AM EST

Tel: 512-225-3050 Access Code: 65998

Minutes of Meeting



We reviewed the action items from last week and then discussed the progress being made in the policy model subcommittee. A lot of issues are being discussed but there has not been a clear tracking of issues and their resolution which is hampering progress. The subcommittee is also putting together use/test cases for the policy model. It is more likely the policy model will not be complete until the end of January. We agreed upon having the next Face to Face at the LAX Hilton on 1/23-1/24. The next conference call will not be until January 10th because of the holidays.


Action Items

1.      Hal agreed to ask Karl best to issue a call for intellectual property claims to the oasis membership list.

2.      Bill and Gil agreed to collaborate on exploring this subject (DSLM and ldap profile), and reporting back to the technical committee.

3.      Submit Policy Model Test Cases to list by Friday for discussion at Monday’s Policy Model Subcommittee meeting.

4.      Carlisle will contact Pierangela and ask her to clarify and publish open issues along with their champion.

5.      Ken will incorporate the issues from the Policy Model subcommittee into the general issues document and publish regularly to website

6.      Carlisle to update his statement on successfully using XACML to include the clarification and repost to the list and website.

7.      Begin flagging issues for Security and Privacy Considerations (Joe?)

8.      Bill to send reservation information to Carlisle and Carlisle to post announcement of F2F to list.



  1. Voted to accept the minutes of the 11/29/01 meeting
  2. Voted to hold the next F2F at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles on 1/23 and 1/24


Raw Minutes (taken by Ken Yagen)


Proposed Agenda:

10:00-10:10 Roll Call and Agenda Review

10:10-10:15 Vote to accept minutes of November 29 meeting


10:15-10:25 Review of Action Items (see 11/29 minutes)

10:25-10:35 Report of Policy Model Sub-Committee

10:35-10:50 Discussion of Overall Status and Schedule

(including open/closed items on current issues list, as well as  IP, Security and Privacy Considerations, and Conformance / Test Cases subcommittees)

10:50-11:55 Discussion of Proposal for "Successfully Using the XACML Specification"

10:55-11:00 Discussion of Proposal for next face-to-face meeting


10:05 Attendance

Voting Members

Simon Godik, Crosslogix

Ken Yagen, Crosslogix

Hal Lockhart, Entegrity

Carlisle Adams, Entrust

Tim Moses, Entrust

Don Flinn, Hitachi

Jason Rouault, HP

Michiharu Kudoh, IBM

Christopher McLaren, Netegrity

Bill Parducci, Self


Prospective Members

Sekhar Vajjhala, Sun Microsystems

Anne Anderson, Sun Microsystems


7:09 approve minutes


7:10 action items

Hal to talk to Karl best – will do so. Have not done yet

Bill converted pierangela’s document to pdf

Will discuss f2f location later

Will discuss carlisle’s definition later

Bill has not been able to reach gil to discuss dsml and ldap. Hal to send him Gil’s email


7:12 status report of policy model meeting

Simon – discussed the proposal to submit use cases from which we’ll try to develop example schemas. Discussed issue of how to merge policies. Discussed potential use cases like java security use case


Carlisle – are we making progress towards schedule. Are there major issues?


Hal – were a number of people on call for first time. Think still at stage of sorting out basic concepts.


Ken – are use cases different from what we developed before?


Tim – prefer to use the term test cases


Carlisle – more explicit and turn them into actual test cases in actual syntax. Use to determine what syntax is most appropriate


Bill – test cases or model candidates


Carlisle – will accompany the model and when pick syntax for model, these will become conformance test cases.


Tim submitted role hierarchy, simon submitted some stuff in tim’s appendix and sekhar and anne were to do java applets and pulling policies from different locations and how they will be composed and merged.


Simon – might submit unix file system semantics test case


Michaharu – xml document test case


Hal – bill submitted email filtering with implied semantics


7:25 overall schedule

Draft policy model by december 14


Hal – have a working glossary that will continue to evolve


Carlisle – sounding like end of january?

Tim – think realistic at the earliest

Carlisle – probably puts march 1st deadline in jeaporady.

Tim – in my mind i don’t have a clear roadmap from here to submission. What milestones are there and are we making progress

Carlisle – thought they would show up in proposed table of contents

Tim – have not carved up into tasks that we understand the sense of and know people are working on.


Sekhar – got a sense of the same. Pm subcommittee issues are being brought to the table but are left open and not being discussed.


Pierangela is not circulating issues list to the committee


Ken – work with pierangela to better identify issues in pm

Message from


Simon – propose ask pierangela to be more explicit and publish this list


Ken – maintain overall list and pierangela feed issues to me and i publish to whole tc.


Simon – subcommittee leader must maintain their own list.


Hal- reluctance to write down issues because people don’t understand them well enough yet.


Tim – no champion that wants to defend something with specific concrete examples. In saml – every issue must have a champion and a clear proposal for a solution.  But saml is at a late stage right now.


Carlisle – action to myself to contact pierangela and ask her to be more specific and issues with champion and known solution. Publish to subc and get to ken and ken to publish regularly to tc list and website.


Tim – perhaps it should form the basis of the policy model subc agenda.


7:42 – security and privacy considerations

Carlisle – joe was to chair committee but no activity

Hal – not a problem at this point. Biggest issue is various implications of negative statements, the various flavors and implications of those.


Ken – flag those in the issues list


Carlisle – some environments policy will need to be authenticated, confidentiality issues, etc. Joe should flag those


Tim – should i paste in the raw issues into 0.8?


Hal – suggest keep it separate. Once document at 75% will want a list of document issues – what is needed to finish it. Suggest putting in tentative subheadings


7:47 carlisle’s proposed text

Carlisle – one question raised which was answered.

Hal – suggest incorporate the clarification

Carlisle – will revise it to include clarification and have it posted to the website.

Hal – suggest add paragraph that implementations that may have internal represenations that are proprietary and xacml is an exchange format


7:49 f2f meeting

Carlisle – bill proposal 1/23,1/24 at la hilton at lax airport. Several said location and time were fine.

Hal – motion we agree to have the f2f at that location and time

Voted and accepted.

Bill – post information to list on how to make reservations.

Hal – please post a separate message to alert people

Bill will send information to carlisle and he will post it.


7:53 when is the appropriate time for next call

Ken – suggest pm subc move meeting 1st week of jan to the 3rd (thurs)

Carlisle – next meeting will be on jan 10th


7:56 adjourn

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