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Subject: RE: [xacml] Vote for XACML F2F Date, Location, and Duration...

Title: Message

1. b) San Francisco

2. c) W-F


Yes, I'm calling for an e-mail vote which will close first thing Monday morning (April 1st).  That is, I'll count whatever's in my in-box when I get into work on Monday morning.  Votes should be sent to the list as a response to this message.

There are a couple of things on which to vote.

1) Date and Location.  The choices are as follows (pick one):
       a) Mon.-Tue., April 22-23 in Milan, Italy (hosted by Pierangela and Ernesto at U. Milan)
       b) Thu.-Fri., April 25-26 in San Francisco, USA (hosted by Ken Yagen at CrossLogix)
       c) either choice is acceptable
       d) I cannot attend either choice

2) Duration.  There has been a proposal to add an extra half day to the meeting.  The choices are as follows (pick one):

       a) MILAN:  Mon. afternoon, Tue. full day, Wed. full day
       b) MILAN:  Mon. full day, Tue. full day, Wed morning
       c) SF:  Wed. afternoon, Thu. full day, Fri. full day
       d) SF:  Thu. full day, Fri. full day, Sat. morning
       e) forget about the extra half day; two full days is enough

The largest number of votes on each item wins.

Our face-to-face meetings have been well-attended and very productive so far; hopefully, we can continue this tradition.


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