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Subject: [xacml] hotel F2F


i sent this msg last Friday (at least i think i did....) but from a couple 
of enquiries i am not sure it has reached the list, so i am sending it 



i've the following confirmations for the F2F.

Anne Anderson (21 -- 24)
Carlisle Adams (21 -- 24)
Gerald Brose (21 -- 24)
Don Flinn (21 -- 24)
Simon Godik (21 -- 24)
Polar Humenn (20 -- 24)
Michiharu Kudo (21 -- 24)
Bill Parducci (21 -- 24)

i called to make the reservation at the hotel and enquired if there
were different types of room, which they have.
Here is what they have.

Single 		   Euro 54 --> 50 
Double 		   Euro 86 
Double single use  Euro 59 
Union suite 	   Euro 68

i have reserved standard single rooms. If you'd like any of the
others, pls let me know within this weekend and i can tell them.
There is no need to provide credit card number to confirm reservation,
the reservation is already confirmed.


P.S. The hotel is 
	Palace Hotel
	Via Cresmiero, 10 Crema (Cr)
        Tel. +39 373 81.487
        Fax +39 373 86.876

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