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Subject: [xacml] IMPORTANT: XACML Context ?

Dear colleagues,

Most of you are certainly aware that the Schema subcommittee has been
discussing the definition of a XACML context, which would be part of XACML
schema, making it fully autonomous w.r.t. the SAML namespace.
In the intention of its proposers, the XACML context will allow for
evaluating XACML policies in non-SAML environments like Java and CORBA,
while retaining full SAML compatibility via suitable transformations from
SAML assertions to the XACML context itself.
The proposal was discussed at the F2F in Milan and brought to the attention
to the whole TC last Thursday.
Due to the potential impact of this proposal on the final XACML
specification, participants to today's  (May 6th) Schema subcommittee
meeting asked  me to call once again the whole TC attention on it , in order
to stimulate discussion.
Debate on XACML context will continue on the subcommittee concall of May
13th (please join us!); details on the proposal (including a tentative
schema) will also be posted on the site shortly after that date.
A final decision on whether to adopt a context or not should be taken on the
Regards to everybody


Prof. Ernesto Damiani
Dipartimento di Tecnologie dell'Informazione
Universita' di Milano - Polo di Crema
Via Bramante 65
26013 Crema, Italia
tel +39-0373-898240
fax +39-0373-898253

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