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Subject: [xacml] xacml context mods and schema

After today's concall a number of modifications to the context, part 1 were proposed.
1. Some context elements are renamed and restructured.
ContextSubject is renamed into ContextPrincipal, and Principal can now be extended to allow
structured 'principals'. (See Polar's message).
2. Allow more than one principle. Semantics of having more than one principal will be qualified.
3. Resource uri is moved to the 'resource' section of the context. 'Resource' section will
contain resource uri, resource content, and zero or more xacml attributes with resource uri as a holder.
4. In the example that shows authentication assertion being broken down into xacml attributes
authentication method and authentication instance must be kept together.
5. Resource section may contain 'ResourceLocation' xacml attribute pointing to where resource
content could be obtained.
Schema for RequestContext is attached

Attachment: XacmlContext.xsd
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