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Subject: [xacml] Bug in pseudocode for Only One Applicable. Forwarded messagefrom Seth Proctor.

------- start of forwarded message -------
From: Seth Proctor <seth.proctor@sun.com>

I think there is a bug in the pseudocode for the Only One Applicable Policy
combining algorithm. The spec reads

  "If an error occurs while evaluating the target of a policy ... then the
   policy set SHALL evaluate to 'Indeterminate'."

I think this is correct, but it's not expressed in the pseudocode. The code
calls isApplicable() on the policy to see if the target matches, but there
is no code to check if this call resulted in an error. Small issue, but I
thought I'd mention it, since all the other combining algs can be implemented
verbatim from the given pseudocode.
------- end of forwarded message -------

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