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Subject: [xacml] multiple identical attributes

Ok, I couldn't find any language in the spec that addressed this issue, so
I thought I'd throw it out here and see what people think.

Let's say that a request comes in for the PDP and in some section of the
request (like the resource, or some subject category) there are two attributes
that are the same (ie, the same type, same id, same value, etc). [1] If
a designator asks for that attribute, would it be reasonable to return to
just one value? Must two values always be returned? I don't care either way,
but I'm curious to see what people think. Anne and I couldn't decide one
way or the other...probably you should provide both for cardinality, but
I'm not sure everyone will see it that way...


[1] No, I have no use case for this, and I can't think right now of why it
    would be useful, but since it can happen...

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