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Subject: [xacml] Minutes of the January 9th conference call...

Title: Minutes of the January 9th conference call...

XACML TC Conference Call
January 9, 2003

Attendees:  Tim Moses, Hal Lockhart, Anne Anderson, Simon Godik, Michiharu Kudo, Steve Anderson, Don Flynn, Carlisle Adams

Hal believed that we did not have quorum, so no vote was taken to approve the Dec. 5 and Dec. 12 minutes.

Anne suggested putting a pointer to the errata document on the Web site in the XACML specification (as SAML has done).  After a brief discussion, it was decided that this could possibly go in version 1.1, but not in the OASIS Standard 1.0 (since we are fairly restricted in what modifications we can make to the 1.0 standard -- it needs to be essentially identical to what was voted on by the OASIS members).

Discussion by all on the errata document that Anne had circulated.  Anne will send an update to the list reflecting the decisions made.

Simon volunteered to be the maintainer of the errata document (Anne needs to drop this activity from her already-full plate).

Brief discussion by Carlisle regarding an e-mail he received from Michael Willett of ISTPA (International Security, Trust, and Privacy Alliance).  Michael would like to explore whether XACML and ISTPA can work together in some way to make progress on life cycle management for privacy policies.  Carlisle has invited Michael to join us on a TC call in the near future to give us a bit more background on ISTPA and on his proposal.

Anne noted that she has completed her action item to send comments on LDAP to Tim.  Furthermore, she is working on her other action item to comment on the digital signature document (with respect to XACML); this will be submitted by the next TC call.

Tim asked about the suite of Microsoft/IBM/etc. documents (especially WS-Policy) and XACML.  Do they fit together?  If so, how?  Several people on the call expressed some interest in this topic.  Michiharu suggested that he was probably the most appropriate person to comment on this and promised to lead a discussion on this at the next TC call.  It was also suggested that WS-PolicyAttachment, WS-Authorization (mentioned in the Roadmap document), and WS-Privacy are also relevant to this discussion.

With respect to the concall schedule for (at least) the month of January, it was decided that we do not have enough work to warrant the Monday calls and that the TC call can move to a bi-weekly schedule (since we're only discussing errata at the moment).  So, the next TC calls will be January 23 and February 6.  [MICHIHARU TO NOTE THIS ON THE WEB SITE.]

Meeting adjourned.

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