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Subject: Re: [xacml] WSPL - XACML gap analysis

Now for the other questions:

"Maryann Hondo" <mhondo@us.ibm.com> wrote:
>2) Should this be a separate discussion group thread rather than the main
>XACML mailing list?

We have not in the past found any need for separate discussion group threads.
We have occasionally encouraged participants to put some key word into the
Subject line of their mailings on a particular topic.  So far, the mail on
this topic seems to be of interest to the entire TC, so there does not seem
to be a need.

>3) Tony's question is what would be the IP terms under which this
>new/re-chartered group will work? As I understand it the XACML IP terms
>are RAND, so I assume any contributions to this effort would also be under
>RAND terms.

XACML does not have IP terms defined as part of its charter.  The following
response that we made to IP complaints at the time of the OASIS standards
vote expresses our intent:

     >       "An implementation of any standard, in some particular way, may 
     >       infringe on some intellectual property, whether that IP has been 
     >       disclosed to OASIS or not. Each implementation must take 
     >       appropriate steps to determine whether or not it infringes on 
     >       valid IP claims. 
     >       The XACML TC has taken reasonable steps to ensure and to document 
     >       that all features of this language are derived from previous work 
     >       in the field that is not under patent restrictions. We 
     >       intentionally made one feature of the language - Obligations - not 
     >       mandatory to implement in order to make it easier for 
     >       implementations to avoid a particular feature that might, in some 
     >       cases, infringe on a known IP claim. 
     >       It is the belief of the TC that useful and fully-compliant 
     >       implementations of XACML 1.0 can be created that are royalty free.

We will continue this approach in our WSPL work.

>4) are there separate calls planned for this activity?

Not at this time.  In the past, we have added Monday "focus group" calls when the
work load became heavy.  Right now, that does not seem necessary.  We do most of
our work on the mailing list.

Anne Anderson          Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Burlington, MA         781-442-0928

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