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Subject: Re: [xacml] xacml combiner alg extension points


>Actually I would like to see a more general aspect for values within a
>Parameter. There is no reason these parameters cannot be full fledged
>expressions as well.

In my opinion, parameters for custom combining algorithm should be
ANY type, as described in Simon's message "You are free to define
syntax and meaning of combiner parameters as needed for your alg."
By this nature, I think we don't have to worry too much about full
fledged expression for the parameter in this case.

>I was hoping that we can come up with a XML type structure that will allow
>an AttributeValue, Apply, Designator, Selector, Function, elements be
>extensions of the same type, such as <ExpressionType>. But I'm not familar
>enough with the idosyncrasies of XML schemas to know if that can be done.
>It looks pretty convoluted.

I think this is a different issue.


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