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Subject: Re: [xacml] xacml combiner alg extension points

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Michiharu Kudoh wrote:

> Polar
> >Actually I would like to see a more general aspect for values within a
> >Parameter. There is no reason these parameters cannot be full fledged
> >expressions as well.
> In my opinion, parameters for custom combining algorithm should be
> ANY type, as described in Simon's message "You are free to define
> syntax and meaning of combiner parameters as needed for your alg."
> By this nature, I think we don't have to worry too much about full
> fledged expression for the parameter in this case.

I guess we are encountering an issue if these parameters will adhere to
XACML's value type system or not.

> >I was hoping that we can come up with a XML type structure that will allow
> >an AttributeValue, Apply, Designator, Selector, Function, elements be
> >extensions of the same type, such as <ExpressionType>. But I'm not familar
> >enough with the idosyncrasies of XML schemas to know if that can be done.
> >It looks pretty convoluted.
> I think this is a different issue.

Not really, if we choose that the parameters adhere to XACML's value type
system. Then this would be a way to do it.


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