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Subject: RE: [xacml] Concrete Proposal of ConditionReference (#7)

We do state that function (and by extension condition) evaluation should
have no side effects, so given the same context it will always evaluate
to the same value, but we indeed never stated that the context shall
remain the same during evaluation.

It is, naturally, the same, if it is provided by request document, but
XACML is not limited to only using context data from the request

If I remember correctly, that was one of the reasons we adopted
unordered bags as data model, and did not introduce any functions that
rely on order of elements within a bag to remain the same even within
the same rule.

On the other hand - references to an expression is a good opportunity to
get around negative aspects of such flexibility: when you DO want to
ensure that a particular expression is evaluated to the same value in
different parts of the policy. That would be independent of what happens
to the virtual context, which is not under control of the policy.

So, this proposal indeed changes how the policy will be evaluated,
compared to our current model, but that may be not a bad thing.


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