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Subject: [no subject]

Ah. This is a key point that has not come up in the conversation before.
Is this really the right way to go? If I have a designator that
references something that changes over the course of the evaluation, I
now have to keep its value constant? What about if I cache a policy over
many evaluations? Hrm.

Originally, this work item was proposed as nothing more than syntactic
sugar. It was supposed to help clean up policies. In our discussion of
recursive references, I pointed out that the proposal is actually
changing the meaning of the "condition" logic, so it's more than just a
superficial change. This latest idea, that a Definition remains constant
throughout an evaluation, further changes what the logic in a Rule
means. Now, as a policy writer, I have to think about whether some
designator or function may produce different values, and therefore
whether it's safe to use them in a Def/Ref. This makes me really
nervous. I would not support this approach without some very careful
language and thought about what this feature actually does to the PDP.

As an aside, I've seen a number of proposals lately that specify schema
changes but don't have language to explain the semantics of the
proposal. When I say that I haven't seen a full proposal for item #7,
it's partially because I haven't seen any language discussing how the
feature is used. Let's get this nailed down before we proceed.


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