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Subject: RE: [xacml] Comment on hierarchical Resource

That is exactly the problem with multiple resource-id attributes:  it
will break the notion of bag of same typed elements.  Very, very bad
idea in my opinion.  Does not fit well with everything else.

>As I wrote in my previous email, I would prefer to specify two
>attribute with different data types in one request context in the case
>XML document. For example, if the user accesses of BoD element
>(/md:record/md:patient/md:BoD) of XML document of
>http://medico.com/medicalrec/Bert, the request context would have the
>following two resource-id attributes:

>resource-id of http://medico.com/medicalrec/Bert with datatype anyURI
>resource-id of /md:record/md:patient/md:BoD with datatype

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