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Subject: Re: [xacml] Brief summary of yesterday's focus group call

Hi Bill,

I would strongly suggest that you and other TC members do not reply to 
Tony's email.

For Tony to make such a bold statement without providing any explanation 
or constructive suggestions is considered childish, obnoxious and even 
unprofessional in my book, and doesn't deserve our attention.

Thanks, Frank.

Bill Parducci wrote:

> tony, could you please elaborate? i have been working with a few other 
> members of the TC to apply this concept to outstanding use access 
> control scenarios and the results to date are promising.
> thanks
> b
> Anthony Nadalin wrote:
>> Tim, I don't believe that the "generalization" draft fits within the 
>> charter of XACML.
>> Anthony Nadalin | Work 512.838.0085 | Cell 512.289.4122
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Frank Siebenlist               franks@mcs.anl.gov
The Globus Alliance - Argonne National Laboratory

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